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Parks And Recreation Committee

The purpose of the Parks And Recreation Committee (PARC) is to make recommendations to the McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD) Board of Directors regarding plans, policies, programs, and projects relating to McKinleyville's parks, facilities, open space maintenance zones and recreation activities.

Number of Members

Nine (9) regular members (Voting Members) up to two of which may be High School students

Two (2) alternate member (Voting Member)

One (1) McKinleyville Area Fund Representative (Voting Member)

One (1) MCSD Board Representative (Non-voting member)

Terms of Office

The Recreation Advisory Committee is an advisory Board appointed by the MCSD Board of Directors. The annual expiration date of appointment shall be December 31. Appointment terms are as follows:

Regular members: Four (4) years

MCSD Board representative: Varies depending on appointment

McKinleyville Area Fund representative: Four (4) years

High School students: Two (2) years

How to Participate

Current Vacancies:

  • 3 Regular Voting Member Vacancies
  • 2 Alternate Member Vacancies

Members of the Park and Recreation Committee must be resident electors of the McKinleyville Community Services District.  Interested individuals should file a letter of interest addressed to the MCSD Board of Directors that states their interests and qualifications. Student members must be nominated by the McKinleyville High School Principal. Letters of interest may be mailed to:

McKinleyville Parks and Recreation

PO Box 2037

McKinleyville, CA 95519

Recreation Advisory Committee Voting Member List

  • John Calkins - Chair
  • Jeff Dunk
  • Chad Sefcik
  • John Kulstad (McKinleyville Area Fund representative)
  • Charlie Caldwell
  • Beth Frink
  • Laura Bridy
  • Ben Winker

Director Scott Binder is the MCSD Board Liaison to the Recreation Advisory Committee and is a non-voting member.

For more information, please call Lesley Frisbee at the District office at 839-9003.