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Central Ave Water and Sewer Rehabilitation Project

The District has been working on Master Planning efforts focusing on the replacement and rehabilitation of the water and sewer mainlines since 2017. The effort included an alaysis of all water and sewer mainlines throughout the system. The original water distribution system was constructed in 1973 and the original sewer collection system was constructed in 1976. As the system continues to age, replacement and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure will be necessary to maintain an effective, functional system. The ultimate goal of the Master Planning effort was to come up with a cost and prioritized schedule for replacement/rehabilitation of the mainlines over the course of 50-75 years. The Master Planning effort was successful in this regard, the District is moving into the first phase of many construction projects that will help to ensure the District is able to continue a high level of service to the community well into the future, without putting an undue rate burden on them.

The first project that was identified as a part of the Master Plan effort was the rehabilitation of the 8-inch AC sewer main in Central Avenue from Sutter Road to Hiller Road. 


Please view the Project Plans bleow:

MCSD Central Ave Water & Sewer Rehab Projet Bid Plans.pdf